1/16/15: Leaning Cold


A cold front front that pushed from northeastern North Dakota to the southwest (backdoor front) has now become stationary in the western part of the state.   Southwestern North Dakota is still quite mild with temperatures in the 40 to 45° range, whereas the rest of the state into western Minnesota is stuck in the 10s to 20s.



That thermal boundary should gradually start shifting to the east this afternoon as the area of low pressure in Saskatchewan moves to the east southeast.  That low is progged to move to near Lake of the Woods by 6:00 AM on Friday.  Most of the snow associated with this clipper in turn will be near and north of the low, so in Canada, BUT, the low will have a cold front attached to it and it will be that cold front in turn that will produce much of the snow that will be found in eastern North Dakota as well as Minnesota on Saturday.  Most of North Dakota and areas in or near the Red River Valley in Minnesota will likely record any precipitation Saturday morning as that cold front moves through.  It could be warm enough aloft (2 to 4 thousand feet) to produce some mixed precipitation with the front passage, but generally a light quick snow if foreseen in the “dusting” range for totals.




Morning highs will be followed by cooler temperature in the afternoon and a brisk northwesterly wind.  Estimated wind speeds in the 20-30 mph range developing with some higher gust for most locations tomorrow.



There will be yet another clipper on Monday (perhaps early) and again around Wednesday.  Temperatures will bounce up and down a bit with each passage, but each clipper should draw in slightly colder air.  It still appear next week into the end of January will be a cold pattern interrupted occasionally by a clipper.  So cooler than average and fairly dry is foreseen for the second one-half of the month.

Enjoy the weekend.

Daryl Ritchison