Weekly Weather Review

The past week recorded one main precipitation event that moved from northwestern North Dakota into northeastern South Dakota on Thursday, July 24.  That shows up clearly on the Percent of Normal Rainfall with just a small corridor recording rain of consequence last week.   Not only was it dry in the past week in many locations,… Read more Weekly Weather Review

Severe Weather Recap

On Monday, July 21, 2014, during the late afternoon and evening hours, a severe weather event moved across North Dakota.  Below is the radar summaries of the storm from both the WSR-88D in Bismarck and Mayville, North Dakota.     The line of thunderstorms that moved through across the state produced mainly wind damage as symbolized… Read more Severe Weather Recap

Mandan is now LIVE

The Mandan station is now on the Current Weather page of the NDAWN web site. Annual maintenance is complete and the station’s equipment has been upgraded. – Barb Mullins    

Sabin now LIVE

The Sabin station was moved 1000 feet north of its previous location on July 11. The station was upgraded and the Current Weather is now available online at http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/current.html. A big Thank You to the people at Bayer CropScience of Sabin, MN for sponsoring the station and for the assistance in moving the station.    … Read more Sabin now LIVE

Weekly Crop Weather Report

After a prolong period of excessive rain across most (certainly not all) of North Dakota, precipitation this past week was below average for much of the state.   Because summer rainfall usually comes with thunderstorms that tend to produce widely variable rain totals, the NDAWN sites do not always capture all of the precipitation events… Read more Weekly Crop Weather Report

Weekend Hail Injuries

Around 7:00 PM on Saturday, July 5, 2014 three individuals suffered head injuries near the Heart Butte Dam associated with large hail from a severe thunderstorm.  The largest hail stones were in the baseball to softball sized range with the largest stones near 4.25 inches in diameter.  Hailstones that large falling from a severe thunderstorm… Read more Weekend Hail Injuries