NDAWN Speed Record

On Friday evening, September 19, 2014 a supercell thunderstorm developed in southern Manitoba and then moved southeasterly across Pembina County in North Dakota then crossed the Red River into northwestern Minnesota.  It intensified quickly and a Tornado Warning was issued almost immediately as it crossed the international border.  If you look carefully at the animation… Read more NDAWN Speed Record

Grand Forks is Live

The final station has been added to the Current Weather page of the NDAWN web site. The data are will only be available on-line. Add a hot link for Grand Forks to the home screen of your smart phone to quickly view current conditions.          

The First 36 Degree Low

With much cooler temperatures expected to arrive this week, there is certainly a risk that some parts of the region will record the first freezing temperature of the season.  More likely than the first 32° of this season in many locations will instead be the first 36° temperature.  36° is sometimes considered a “frost” as… Read more The First 36 Degree Low

The Missing 100s

About one month ago I wrote a blog on the lack of 90° days this year.  With so few 90° readings recorded in the state of North Dakota this year (and many other states as well) it will be of no surprise that 100° readings would also be lacking this year.  In fact, 2014 looks… Read more The Missing 100s

August 2014 in Review

Precipitation: After a very dry July, August 2014 was the exact opposite and was exceptionally wet for a majority of North Dakota (Figure 1).  The only exceptions were in some parts of the Red River Valley and the area around Devils Lake. Using data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN), the statewide average… Read more August 2014 in Review