Halloween Records

Halloween Record Lows are listed below.  You will notice that many of the records were set in 1991, the year of the famed “Halloween Blizzard” that struck mainly Minnesota, but North Dakota (and of course other areas) furnished the cold air for that event.  Many of the other records were set in 2002, the last… Read more Halloween Records

The Last 70° Day

During the next couple of days, certainly not everyone, but some locations may record a high of 70°.   Best opportunity may be on Wednesday as a cold front will work across North Dakota on Thursday.  That front will probably already be well into Minnesota during the peak heating of the day on Thursday, meaning that although… Read more The Last 70° Day

Early October Snow 2012

On October 3-4, 2012 an early season snow event impacting North Dakota and Minnesota.  This followed a warm spell and with very dry conditions that year, there was previous to this snow even several wildfires in northwestern Minnesota.  The phrase from fire to ice literally fit the situation.   A couple of tweets of the… Read more Early October Snow 2012

September 2014 Weather Summary

Precipitation: There were pockets of above average rainfall during September 2014, especially in western North Dakota, but a high percentage of the state recorded below normal precipitation during the month (see image below).  Using data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN), the statewide average precipitation for September 2014 was 1.30 inches.  That is… Read more September 2014 Weather Summary