Brown January

Average snow to this point in the season would be approximately 25 to 35 inches.  So all reporting sites are below average with most well below to this point in the winter.  In the graphic presented below are the snow totals for selected area that have recorded at least 12 inches or more so far… Read more Brown January

1/28/15: Two Fronts

A cold front is slowly pushing south through North Dakota, but the keyword is slowly.  Much of the state will once again record a very mild day. The low pressure center near Pierre South Dakota will continue to move southeast during the day.  Once that low moves far enough south, a stiff north wind (15-30… Read more 1/28/15: Two Fronts

1/23/15: Clipper Cold

Although very mild today with noontime temperatures in the mid 30s to lower 40s, Saturday will bring some changes.   Temperatures will probably not climb too much more this afternoon, but still any 40° reading in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota in January is an added bonus and although 40° January temperatures in western… Read more 1/23/15: Clipper Cold

1/22/15: Moving Up

A warm front is currently working across North Dakota.  Western North Dakota should record temperatures around 40°,  with far eastern North Dakota staying in the upper 20s to the very low 30s because that warm front will likely not reach the Red River Valley until late in the day.  In fact, the Red River Valley… Read more 1/22/15: Moving Up