Corn Belt Getting Dry

In the blog post from yesterday, I wrote about the dry conditions in much of southern North Dakota.  But the dry conditions spread well beyond just our area.  As an example the “I” states, of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana have also experienced widespread lack of rain so far this month, especially across the southern portions… Read more Corn Belt Getting Dry

Dry or Wet is the Trend

Although the wet conditions in some parts of North Dakota have recorded much of the attention so far this growing season, much of North Dakota into western Minnesota have been receiving well below historical average precipitation during the past several weeks.  With the exception of the James River Valley area and the northern Sheyenne River… Read more Dry or Wet is the Trend

Cool and Dry

Many parts of northeastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota has recorded excessive rain this season.  But most of the rest of the region has been either receiving near normal or below average rainfall.   There will be at least some scattered precipitation midweek, but otherwise, the main rain opportunities would be next week after Independence… Read more Cool and Dry

A Rainy “Month”

Some parts of northeastern North Dakota has recorded nearly a foot of rain in the past 30 days.  Last year that same approximate area had localized areas record around 10 inches of rain.  In other words, 2015 and 2016 has been exceptionally wet, especially in portions of northeastern North Dakota during the late spring and… Read more A Rainy “Month”

Ahead of Schedule

Since May 1, the temperatures have been anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees above normal.  Depending on the crop and of course, your planting dates, more fields in turn have recorded an extra 100 to as many as 200 growing degrees days above the 5 year average.   It is then no surprise to hear that… Read more Ahead of Schedule

Soybean Guidance

If you are a soybean grower there is a new tool available to you via the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, often referred to as NDAWN.  The website can be found at  In the application section you would find many useful agricultural tools, including the new soybean growing degree day model.  Select your cultivar… Read more Soybean Guidance

Cooling Down

Many weather words are subjective.  Warm, cool. mild and hot all mean different things at different times of the year.  In January, a 30 degree day is often referred to as mild and of course that same temperature would be very cold and record breaking in June.  I mention that because after several days of… Read more Cooling Down