Briefly Dry

Some parts of western North Dakota have recorded rainfall in the past couple of days, but most of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota have now gone a couple of days without any precipitation and it appears that most (not all) of that area will continue to stay dry through Saturday and at the moment… Read more Briefly Dry

Cool for Now

The cooler weather that has now moved into North Dakota will gradually impact much of the Midwest.  From Ohio to North Dakota and from upper Michigan to Nebraska, daily maximum will generally be below average for the next week, at least in some parts of that large area.  A ridge of high pressure that was… Read more Cool for Now


With the abundant moisture in northeastern North Dakota and some other isolated locations throughout the area, plus, the heavy dew on plants in the past week associated with the more humid conditions we were experiencing, it is no surprise that both sunflower and dry edible bean rust has now been reported in North Dakota.  Historically… Read more Rust

End of July

It is the last week of July and many are asking what may occur in August.  There are signs that a drier and continued warm pattern will be with us during the month.  Temperatures have been above average for most of the past several months and I think that pattern of temperatures being 2-3 degrees… Read more End of July

Thunder Threats

More thunderstorms are expected today into tonight as a disturbance in combination with another push of cooler air moves into the region.  Although there is not as much moisture in the air as there was on Wednesday, there is still sufficient water vapor that some localized heavy downpours will probably occur.  The good news is… Read more Thunder Threats

Atmospheric Moisture

We have certainly experienced some 90 degree heat this summer, but today is the first day of the year that the heat has also come with high dew points.  Although these conditions will only last a day or two depending on your location, some precautions still need to be used.  In agriculture, cattle are probably… Read more Atmospheric Moisture