NDAWN Changes

If you use data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, commonly referred to as NDAWN, some changes occurred on November 1.   The most notable change is that wind chill maps now appear instead of dew point maps on the current page.  A secondary change is dealing with rainfall.  Historically the rainfall maps will go away… Read more NDAWN Changes

Siberian Snow

It has been quite cold over much of Eurasia in the past few weeks.  At the same time, it has been quite mild over the opposite side of the North Pole, that would be North America.   With the cold air has come a very rapid buildup of snow cover over Russia that increases the intensity… Read more Siberian Snow

Snow Drought

Although measurable snow in October isn’t something that occurs frequently, it does happen about one out of every 4 years.  Last month there were a few areas of the region that recorded enough snow to measure, but a high percentage of the northern plains either recorded no snow or just flurries last month.  This means… Read more Snow Drought

Warm Halloween

Halloween was quite warm if you live in southern North Dakota, but not so warm across the northern portion of the state.  An area of low pressure tracked almost right through central North Dakota yesterday, meaning the northern half of the state recorded temperatures in the 40s, which is very typical of the time of… Read more Warm Halloween