Blizzard Measuring

One commonly asked question this time of year is how exactly does one measure snow in high wind when the snow is not evenly distributed over the landscape?  The reality is during blizzards and other situations with stronger wind, getting an exact total may never be possible, but there are ways to get a reasonably… Read more Blizzard Measuring

White Christmas

The odds of a white Christmas in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota varies quite a bit.  Northeastern North Dakota outside of the Red River Valley may see a brown Christmas once every 15 years or so.  The Red River Valley through North Central North Dakota the odds are more in the 80 to 90% chance… Read more White Christmas


So far there has been two disturbances, both of which we could call Alberta Clippers that have moved through the area this week.  One on early Monday morning and the other late Monday night into Tuesday.  Neither were super strong, plus, some of you listening may have hardly even noticed anything but a few clouds… Read more Clipper-ville

Flash Warming

The northern plains are known for rapid shifts in the weather and Sunday into Monday was yet another example of this.  On Sunday morning, most of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota recorded a low temperature in the -20s.  Then on Monday morning when we were all waking up, the temperatures for much of the area… Read more Flash Warming

Delayed Spring 2017?

I have already spoken at several events giving my prospects for potential weather in 2017.  Even before the snows arrived, I had pointed out that the Winter of 2016-2017 will likely produce at least normal snowfall and even with that amount of snow, it would then be likely that any early planting in 2017 would… Read more Delayed Spring 2017?

Abundant Snow Cover

Since the blizzard last week that impacted much of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota temperatures have generally been below average.  This week another reinforcement of the Arctic Air will be moving in that will keep not only the upper Midwest, but much of the eastern 2/3rds of the United States colder than average.  With this… Read more Abundant Snow Cover

Plenty of Snow

There are definitely a few exceptions, but overall, most of North Dakota now has at least 4” or more snow cover.  Some parts of central North Dakota that had significant snows from both of the major storms in the past couple of weeks have 18 inches or more snow on the ground.   Snow cover plays… Read more Plenty of Snow