Back and Forth

The temperatures during the first half of April were well above average.  The second half it was below average.  First half of May turned warm again, the second half was quite cold.  June, the temperatures were again well above average during the first half of the month, but the second half of June was quite… Read more Back and Forth

30 Percent

Certainly there are areas in eastern North Dakota that could use some rainfall, but generally speaking although a bit dry in spots, most of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota is doing fairly well.  Plus, some parts of the northern Red River Valley is actually too wet at the moment.  But in western North Dakota… Read more 30 Percent

Continued Cool

The cooler temperatures that have been in the region the past few days look to be continuing for a while longer.  Granted, not every day will record temperatures below average, but as a general rule, we should experience more cooler than normal days than warmer than normal days perhaps as long as the rest of… Read more Continued Cool

Helpful Rain

Did the rain end the worries of it being dry?  That has been a very common question for me in the past couple of days.  The answer is generally no.  The locations that got 1-2 inches or more of rain, certainly there is no worries for perhaps the next week, but most areas are still… Read more Helpful Rain

Where are the 100s?

100 degree temperatures have become somewhat rare in the past 25 years in eastern North Dakota.  Although western North Dakota have recorded 100 degrees temperatures a bit more frequently, even in that area, they are far less frequent then they were in the past.  One reason often given for the lack of extreme heat in… Read more Where are the 100s?

Warm and Thunderstorms

The warmth of today and tomorrow is associated with a large storm system that is tracking through the northern Rocky Mountains.  That system is pumping in some very warm air into the northern plains.  At the same time snow in fairly low elevations for the time of year as well as abundant rain will fall… Read more Warm and Thunderstorms

June 2009

So far this June has been recording above average temperatures and most locations below average rainfall.  Back in 2009 June started over extremely cool and damp.  It was cool enough western North Dakota recorded snowfall with the Dickinson area measuring 1-3” of snow.  It was the first June snow there in 60 years.  When you… Read more June 2009

The Wettest Month

June is the wettest month of the year in North Dakota and by a wide margin.  In eastern North Dakota in particular this month averages around 1 inch more than any other month.  Western North Dakota averages around 3 inches of rain in June, whereas the Red River Valley averages closer to 4 inches this… Read more The Wettest Month

May 2017 Dryness

May was dry across much of the state.  From my perspective, one dry month comes no where close to a drought, but in some circles such words are being thrown around.  Sub soil moisture is plentiful, but clearly the top few inches are dry in many, but certainly not all areas.  We are but one… Read more May 2017 Dryness