The Haze

The haze that has been in the air off and on for the past week is associated with forest fires in Canada, but not in the same locations as last year.  The smoke is from fires in the Pacific Northwest, especially from British Columbia. Last year the fires were from Saskatchewan.  For the smoke from… Read more The Haze

The Atlantic

If you have ever attended one of my public talks on long-range weather forecasting you may recall how I will say the Atlantic Ocean more so than the Pacific Ocean has a lot to do with precipitation patterns in the northern plains.  Our storms tend to track from a westerly direction to the east, meaning,… Read more The Atlantic

A Bit Cooler

The cold front that pushed through the area recently will keep the temperatures close to seasonal averages the rest of the week.  Therefore, only occasional 90s are expected in the short term in most locations.  There will be no widespread rains this week, but at least there will be some pockets of rainfall.  With Wednesday… Read more A Bit Cooler

Soil Water

Western North Dakota, especially the area either west or south of the Missouri River is definitely an exception, but most of eastern North Dakota the subsoil moisture is still at or above average.  Yes, there are going to be exceptions, but once you get down to around 8 inches or lower there is moisture, it… Read more Soil Water