Lower Yields

With harvest in full swing and yield numbers now trickling in, it is apparent that yields this year are noticeably below what was recorded in 2016.  2016 saw record yields from many crops, including both soybeans and corn.  This year yields were down for a number of reasons, with the lack of moisture in many… Read more Lower Yields

October Blizzard

A three day blizzard with massive amounts of snow and huge snow drifts in October?  Your first thought is likely that which occurred in western South Dakota and southwestern North Dakota a few years ago.  Perhaps the most famous October storm struck parts of this region from October 15-18, 1880.  One to three feet of… Read more October Blizzard

October 2017; First Half

The weather this month has generally been very good harvest conditions.  There are always exceptions and although we want perfection, it never comes.  Although we have experienced several mild days, the first half of October finished near average for temperatures in the Red River Valley and below average for temperatures in western North Dakota.  Much… Read more October 2017; First Half

Saturday Rain

There will be some rain in the area tomorrow into tomorrow night as another cold front pushes through the upper Midwest.  Behind the rain, it will still be chilly on Sunday into Monday morning, but then another warm up is anticipated for next week.  In other words, the overall mostly dry and mild weather pattern… Read more Saturday Rain

Dry Period

After a period of wetness in September into the first couple of days in October, much of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota has now been dry for a week, or in some instances for over a week.  This dry pattern looks to be continuing for this week as well.   Meaning, that good harvest conditions are… Read more Dry Period

Winter Teases

Parts of western and northern North Dakota recorded lows in the mid to upper 20s on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Tuesday afternoon and evening some parts of southwestern North Dakota not only recorded snowfall, it actually accumulated briefly.  If your area has yet to record freezing temperatures there will be another push of cooler air… Read more Winter Teases