Pothole Season

If you like a clean car or truck, the next couple of months is likely your least favorite time of the year.  We are now two months past the winter solstice and the sun angle is now high enough, that no matter the air temperature, the sun will warm up the roads enough to melt… Read more Pothole Season

Black Dust Blizzard

It was 95 years ago this that one of the worst blizzards in modern times was moving through the region.  It started as a weak Alberta Clipper that moved along the Rocky Mountains, reformed in Colorado and moved northeast into Minnesota.  Much of North Dakota had little snow cover, similar to this winter.  The fierce… Read more Black Dust Blizzard

Daylight Saving Time

You have likely noticed the later sunsets and earlier sunrises in recent days.  The Sun now sets near 6PM and rises near 7:30 AM in eastern North Dakota.  Around the Winter Solstice, the sun was setting just after 4:30 PM and not rising until after 8 AM.   The recent changes to when daylight saving time… Read more Daylight Saving Time

Pattern Change

Yogi Berra is probably more famous for some of his interesting quotes then he is for his baseball career.  Perhaps the most well-known is “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over”.  That is not only true in baseball, but also in weather.   People tend to have very short weather memories and in turn jump to conclusions… Read more Pattern Change