Tornado Safety

If you see a tornado as you are driving down the road, what would you do?  Most individuals have the instinct to just drive in a different direction to flee the storm.  In our rural landscape this usually is the best option to stay safe.  Contrary to what you’ve learned in the past, getting out… Read more Tornado Safety

Start of Summer 2018

Memorial Day weekend is often considered the start of the summer season and has many people wondering what to expect weather wise the next few months.  By analyzing weather and oceanic conditions in the past that are similar to what has been occurring recently and then looking at the resultant summer conditions, leads me to… Read more Start of Summer 2018

Warm Weekend

Temperatures are expected to be on the warm side the next few days, but high heat is unlikely and has rarely occurred this time of year.   Since records began in 1881, the official high temperature in Fargo Moorhead has reached 100 degrees or higher only twice in May and nine times in the month… Read more Warm Weekend

Inversion App

The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, usually referred to as NDAWN is currently beta testing an inversion app.  The app that will be available for both iPhones and Android devices will send you an alert when an Inversion is in place at selected NDAWN station.  The app will also work for tablets as well.  Besides… Read more Inversion App

New NDAWN Stations

The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, often referred to as NDAWN has added several stations to the network this month.  There are now 98 stations within the network with the addition to stations near, Steele, Maddock, Crystal, Northwood, Genoa and Ray, North Dakota.  Also a station was added in April near Ottertail, Minnesota.  The 99th… Read more New NDAWN Stations


The recording and study of the timing of natural events, such as when trees bloom, is called phenology. For the past 17 years I have kept track of when a certain species of crab apple have bloomed in south Fargo.  This spring was quite cold until very late April, but even so the trees I… Read more Phenology

Localized Weather

As our spring weather becomes more permanent, our weather will become more unsettled.  This time of year, it is common for a day to start out with one sort of weather and then turn completely different during the day.  It can be sunny and warm, then rain and turn cold.  It can be perfectly calm… Read more Localized Weather

Frosty Soil

It certainly is not unheard of, but there is still frost in the soil across northern North Dakota and some isolated pockets elsewhere as well.  Most of the frost in around 30 inches in depth and the recent cool weather has kept that frost from melting.  The warmer temperatures from the past couple of days… Read more Frosty Soil

Frosty Mornings

There was widespread frost yesterday, scattered frost this morning and there will also probably be areas near or below 32 degrees tomorrow.  Of course, none of this is unusual this time of year.   The average last freeze of the spring is on May 8 in Fargo.  Across northern North Dakota the average last freeze is… Read more Frosty Mornings