More than One

Many people have send me articles and theories as to why this spring has been cool.  Almost all these articles deal with a certain issue.  Issue as in singular.  I mention that as I constantly remind people that the weather is far more complicated than a single reason.  There are multiple reasons why the weather… Read more More than One


The difference between the storm system that will be exiting the area today and the one this weekend will be temperatures.  Yes, the clouds today as the storm departs will keep temperatures well below average but this storm is tracking much differently than the weekend storm.  In turn, the temperatures post this storm, say tomorrow,… Read more Exiting


The storm system that produced quite a bit of severe weather yesterday in the southern plains will be lifting north into our region today.  Expected mostly rain, although a rumble of thunder is certainly possible to move through the area today into tomorrow with much of the precipitation expected tonight.  Unlike the system from the… Read more More

Wet Weekend

Depending on where you are listening, the weekend was either cool and very wet, or cool with not too much precipitation.  The weekend was round one.  There will be another two rounds of rainfall this week.  Each storm system has potential of 1”+ of rain, yet, not everyone will get that much of course each… Read more Wet Weekend

Rainy (and Snow)

The cold front that passed through on Wednesday Night was the beginning of a prolong period of below average temperatures.  With those below average temperatures will also come multiple periods of precipitation.  Today rain will move from west to east across North Dakota with locations south of Highway 2 being impacted the most.  Some parts… Read more Rainy (and Snow)

Soil Temperatures

With the warmer temperatures the past few days the soil temperatures have finally warm up to around 50 or higher.  Of course the near surface soil temperatures get even higher than that during the afternoon hours, but the daily average is the most important temperature to keep an eye on.  That  daily average has been… Read more Soil Temperatures


If you’re a farmer, or just a gardener, this time of year the concern for frost is always real.   We have had frost in mid-June in this region.  Truly we are never safe from a frost when you live on the northern plains, we are in most areas beyond the time of the average last… Read more Frost


In western North Dakota it started on Sunday, in eastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota it was yesterday, but finally some spring weather has moved into the region.  Temperatures should be at or above normal the entire week.  There may be a sprinkle or an isolated shower in the area today, a better chance of… Read more Warmer

Plant 19

Plant 19 will be in full swing this week.  The rain from last week, both on Wednesday and Saturday as is so typical in our region varied quite a bit, but a vast majority of the area planting will get in full swing this week.  The northern part of North Dakota that missed out on… Read more Plant 19

Duluth Snow

Most of North Dakota was missed, but southern North Dakota did record some rainfall on Wednesday.  It was generally light with the exception of a few spots near the South Dakota border where about one-third of an inch of rain was measured.  What you may have missed was to our east and southeast that same… Read more Duluth Snow