Banding Snow

Snow totals tomorrow will vary from location to location.  Snow storms often have banding features, which are very recognizable when you look at radar, but very difficult to forecast in advance.  That is why there are always ranges given when forecasting snow.  As an example, the storm on Tuesday in some ways seemed to avoid… Read more Banding Snow

Dry November (so far)

I mentioned last week on how dry November has been at most locations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  Most spots are running well below average.  It appears that many of us will see little additional moisture until Saturday, which is of course the last day of the month.  Saturday there is potential of a… Read more Dry November (so far)

A Miss

A significant storm will be sliding to the SE of North Dakota today into tomorrow.  Although some part of southern North Dakota into west central Minnesota may see some precipitation amounts look very light and should have little impact on travel.  If you’re heading toward Sioux Falls or the Twin Cities it will have a… Read more A Miss

Cloudy Novembers

November and December both average 18 days with the sky being cloudy.  Because November is one day shorter, it technically by percent is the cloudiest month of the year.  The other days that are not cloudy, tend to be a mix of clouds with the sun as a truly sunny day this time of year… Read more Cloudy Novembers

We Are Not Alone

The first half of November was the coldest on record for Chicago, Illinois.  Record there go back nearly 150 years.  The coldest on record there was back in 1991, which many of you may recall because the Minnesota Twins won the World Series and the famed Halloween Blizzard occurred that year, was quite cold in… Read more We Are Not Alone

Dry November

So far, this month has been quite dry.  Yes, there has been some weak disturbances, but none of them have had much moisture.  The problem is that even these limited moisture systems have been just enough to keep the moisture content of crops up as they keep things damp and have caused in turn some… Read more Dry November