Cold and Snow?

Today and tomorrow will be very chilly across much of the northern plains.  In fact, some flakes in the higher elevations in central and western North Dakota wouldn’t surprise me tonight.  In turn,  the threat of frost and or a freeze will certainly be possible today through Friday, with northern North Dakota and northern Minnesota… Read more Cold and Snow?


Over the past week, all 166 NDAWN stations recorded some rain, not all, but a high percentage recorded over one-half inch of rain and many sites recorded over 1 inch.  In fact, just Sunday Night numerous stations in western North Dakota recorded 1-2 inches of rain as a line of thunderstorms moved from south to… Read more Rain!

Inversion App Update

NDAWN, the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, added an additional 32 stations to their main webpage last week.  Those same 32 stations were also added to the NDAWN Inversion App.  What that means is there will be 163 weather stations in Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota with real-time inversion alerts for this year’s spray season. … Read more Inversion App Update

Good and Bad

Wednesday Night into Thursday some NDAWN mesonet stations recorded over 4 inches of rain.  Some farmers reported 6 inches or more.  When I do seasonal forecasts for rain, I always mention the terms “in most areas”.  Sometimes I get a bit of grieve about saying it that way, but it is a rare warm season… Read more Good and Bad

Phenology 2021

The recording and study of the timing of natural events, such as when the ice goes out on a lake, or when bushes or trees bloom, is called phenology.  I have been keeping track of when some ornamental crab apple trees have been blooming since 2002.  They are in the process of blooming the past… Read more Phenology 2021

A Temperature Quiz

A quick quiz for you.  Has 2021 to this point been above, below or near average for temperatures?   I’ll pause as you answer…… Congratulations, you answered correctly.  How do I know what you answered?  Of course, I don’t, but all three answers were correct depending on where exactly you live. Some parts of western North… Read more A Temperature Quiz