There was some rain in the region yesterday, but overall, yes it will definitely be cooler for the next several days, but more drying opportunities are also expected.  If you missed the rain yesterday, you’ve had several days of dry weather and no big storms are expected on the horizon.  That doesn’t necessarily mean zero,… Read more Drier

Wet Autumn

With the northwest corner of North Dakota being the exception, almost all other locations have already recorded more rain than the average for the entire autumn season.  The autumn season by definition is from September 1 through November 30.  In turn, after a drier than average winter, spring and summer, autumn will be the first… Read more Wet Autumn

Late Freeze

The latest first freeze of autumn in Fargo is October 24.  That was set in 1994.  If you’re curious we’ve had the first frost of the season this late in the season even back in 1911, so any talk about this autumn being unique would not be correct.  The so-called official climate site in Fargo… Read more Late Freeze