The Northern Plains have experienced several strong wind events over the past two weeks, including yesterday for some parts of the area.  All of these high wind situations were triggered by what is often called an Alberta Clipper.  A fast-moving low pressure that tends to originate in the prairie provinces of Canada and then move… Read more Windathon

NDAWN Snow Depth

NDAWN, the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network started testing snow depth sensors at some of their stations last winter.  Although not all installed yet, NDAWN should have 19 stations with snow depth sensors before real winter hits the area.  These snow depth sensors measure snow depth by using sound waves.  In that way it can… Read more NDAWN Snow Depth

October Mild

If you thought October was a mild month, you would definitely be correct.  Although, it did not finish in the Top 10, it was the 12th warmest October on record in Fargo.  In Grand Forks it ranked as the 10th and in Bismarck, the 9th warmest on record.   Normally, warm October make for great harvest… Read more October Mild