Cloudy Periods

As we move through the month of June the amount of sunshine we record tends to increase.  We are still in early June when cloudy overcasts days are still relatively common, but as we progress through the month those types of days tend to become more frequent.  Our sunniest period of the year tends to… Read more Cloudy Periods

Spring is Done

Spring by definition for climate statistics is from March 1 through May 31.  This past spring was very wet for some areas, like the northern Red River Valley to pretty average across central North Dakota. The rain from last weekend pushed Fargo into the Top 10 wettest on record.  If you look back at history,… Read more Spring is Done

May Precipitation

May.  Was it wet or dry?  Most of you would yell out wet.  The interesting thing is, probably 50 to 60 percent of the region had average or below average rainfall until…. You guessed it,  Memorial Day.  Memorial Day recorded some significant rain for many parts of eastern North Dakota into Northwestern Minnesota.  So wet… Read more May Precipitation

May 2022

May finished very close to average for temperatures.  That may surprise you, but I often remind people that we live in a cold climate and it takes some serious cold to get too far below the normal.  Plus, of course, the new 30-year averages that came out last year include quite a few cold springs… Read more May 2022