2/24/15: Cold Front

A cold front has moved across eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota and should continue to push slowly south during the day then become stationary in South Dakota through eastern Montana.

8:00 AM Surface Analysis
8:00 AM Surface Analysis

That front in turn will become the focus area for some snow tonight into tomorrow morning.  Projected snow amounts look to be in the 2 to 4 inch range from Williston to Bismark through Huron, SD to Sioux Falls into Iowa.  Most of eastern North Dakota looks to be recording little if any snow accumulation as there will likely be a sharp eastern cutoff to the snowfall.

Projected Snowfall


Once the snow tonight moves to the southeast of the area, then the full influence of the cold front that is currently in the area will be felt.  Temperatures well below zero are anticipated on both Thursday and Friday Mornings.  The snow tonight into tomorrow looks to be the main snow threat for North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota through the weekend.

Daryl Ritchison