2/9/15: The Inch Cometh

It is a very cloudy morning across North Dakota.  The clouds are likely to stick around today, meaning that the air temperature will not be climbing much from current readings.

10:00 AM Satellite imagery for 2/9/15


Temperatures this morning ranged from near 0° to 30°.  It is along that thermo boundary that a disturbance will move along later tonight into tomorrow will some snow and for the warmer areas of southwestern and southcentral North Dakota probably some freezing rain.

Morning Temps
Morning Temps


The low that will track along that therm boundary is expected to track near I94 across North Dakota then into northern Minnesota.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Noon Surface projection with 3 hour precipitation



If the low tracks as expected, then the main snow band would be near and north of I-94 with the heaviest amounts near Highway 2.  South of I94 would be some mix of rain with the snow and therefore lighter amounts.   At the moment 2-4 inches would foreseen north of I94.  Around 1 inch or less south of the interstate.  Fargo should record in the 1-3″ range.  That in turn would be the first 1 inch event of the season.  Of course, that is a forecast, but it looks very promising that tomorrow will end the streak.

Beyond tomorrow…. just cold and dry with now snow (besides flurries) projected until perhaps Sunday.  With fresh cold and Arctic high pressure building into the area, Wednesday and Thursday morning should be well below zero if the sky clears.  Another surge of cold air comes in later in the weekend into early next week.

February is the winter equivalent of August in the summer.  As we all know, August can sometimes have the hottest temperatures of the summer and this February looks to have some of the coldest temperatures of this winter, but the key is snow depth and with tomorrow being the only good threat in the next week, how cold we get will be dependent on  tomorrow.

Daryl Ritchison