5/31/16: More Rain

Last night into the rest of the day more rain fell through much of North Dakota. In typical summer fashion, some areas welcomed it and other locations continue to be quite wet. Northeastern North Dakota in particular has recorded much more rain than was wanted over the past 10 days.   Some areas will try to replant what they can, but planting in June as we all know posses high risks with an early frost this upcoming autumn. In the short term, little additional rain is foreseen once this system moves out of the region. Although today and tomorrow in particular may feel on the chilly side, overall, above average temperatures are expected in the next 7 days meaning that drier and warmer weather is expected to begin on Thursday.

May 30 and May 31 through 1:30 PM rain totals


May 24 through May 30, 2016 Rain Totals