7/13/15: New Week, Few Changes

This past weekend brought the expected hit and miss storms with at least some severe weather.  Today there will be likely some hit and miss storms developing and although any storm may go severe, severe weather really isn’t expected in the area today.   In fact, most days this week there will be at least some thunderstorms development with the activity not being very widespread on any given day.  At the moment the one possible exception to that may be Wednesday Night into Thursday.

Besides the daily threat of thunderstorms, the warm and humid weather that arrived over the weekend looks to be holding power.  Although the dew points before won’t be quite as high as they were on Sunday (70s to near 80°), dew points will at least be in the 60s all week (occasionally lower 70s) meaning the minimums will continue to be in the 60s most mornings or perhaps the very low 70s.   The combination of higher dew points and occasional rain will keep the Relative Humidity levels above 85% most nights this week, meaning not only high atmospheric moisture content, but also heavy dew on plants aiding in fungal growth. That is the negative in an overall pretty good weather forecast with high growing degree unit potential.

Maximums this week looks to be in the 80s all week, with some locations even getting into the lower 90s, therefore, the weekend temperatures and to some degree the thunderstorm risk each day will continue for the the week.

Beyond this week, there still appears to be several parameters globally that are coming together that would suggest cooler weather for the north central and eastern portions of the United States.  Clearly, it is summer, it only gets so cool, but below average temperatures more days than above seem to be in the cards for after this week.

Daryl Ritchison