If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know one of my favorite sayings is the old English proverb “there is no debt so surely met, as wet to dry and dry to wet”.   There are some portions of the region that have recorded 5 plus inches of rain in the past week… Read more Switched


Weather statistics can be looked at from many directions.  For example, the recent rains have pushed several North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, or NDAWN, stations to near or even above average for precipitation this summer.  If someone was going to look at just the seasonal totals several years from now, would they think this summer… Read more Perception


As we all know, rain does not fall evenly across the region.  One of my favorite examples of this was a thunderstorm that passed over parts of Fargo Moorhead a few years ago.  My backyard in south Fargo recorded over 3 inches of rain.  That rain then extended into southern Moorhead.  The streets in my… Read more Variable

July 2021

Last month was the 11th driest July on record in Fargo.  The airport only recorded 0.66” of rain for the entire month.  As many of you know, I am the official coop weather recorder for Fargo and although my rain records are not official, just snow, my coop station recorded exactly 1 inch of rain… Read more July 2021

June Continued

Yesterday in this blog I mentioned how this past June was one of the warmest on record, almost tied with last year.  If you live in Fargo, this past June was noticeably wetter than June 2020.  Yes, wetter.  Fargo finished below the current 30 year average for precipitation, but if you look at the long… Read more June Continued

June 2021

June is ending as one on the warmest Junes on record.  It will also end up being almost exactly the same as June of 2020.  No, we didn’t hit triple digits last year like many locations did this month, but the warmth was very persistent in 2020, to some degree even more so than this… Read more June 2021