Severe Weather Recap

On Monday, July 21, 2014, during the late afternoon and evening hours, a severe weather event moved across North Dakota.  Below is the radar summaries of the storm from both the WSR-88D in Bismarck and Mayville, North Dakota.     The line of thunderstorms that moved through across the state produced mainly wind damage as symbolized… Read more Severe Weather Recap

The Drought of the 1930s

 “Hot winds. Leaves on trees and shrubbery cooked” Mrs. Rollo S. Armstrong, cooperative observer, Steele, ND, July 6, 1936 The dust bowl, the dirty 30s, the great drought, no matter what you call it, the dry conditions during the 1930s in North Dakota were some of most extreme since European settlement of the state in… Read more The Drought of the 1930s

June 18, 1998

Today is my son’s 16th birthday.  This day not only brings memories of the birth of my first child, but also of the weather that was occurring outside our hospital window that afternoon in 1998. An area of low-pressure was moving slowly across the Red River Valley that day triggering pockets of heavy rainfall.  One… Read more June 18, 1998