Although there has been an occasional bolt of lightning in the region, true widespread thunderstorms have yet to form this spring.  Most years, like this year, any thunderstorms hold off until the middle of May, with June being the month when you tend to hear the most thunder.  That is also why from Mid-May until… Read more Thunder!


Southwestern North Dakota got some moisture this weekend, but most other locations got little or none.  With planting in high gear, another widespread system doesn’t look to likely this week.  On a positive note that will allow planting to continue and warmer temperatures will also bring warmer soil temperatures and the heat units to get… Read more Rain

Negative Maximums

It isn’t necessarily the lows in the winter that are impressive but instead it is often the highs. Today’s almost al locations stayed below zero F and in many cases double digits below zero. More of the same tomorrow and this cold snap should last at least a week if not longer. Daryl Ritchison

The Big Change

Yesterday temperatures reached 60˚ in parts of the NDAWN Mesonet. Today, temperatures are falling with temperatures at 3:30 PM in the single digits and teens in the northwestern part of the Mesonet. High temperatures look to be staying below zero across much of the region over the weekend, with low temperatures as cold as the… Read more The Big Change

Back to Average

Minimums this morning were much closer to seasonal averages. The boundary between the +10s and -0s/-10s served as a focusing area for light snow today. Although precipitation amounts were mostly light, the snow was fluffy and ended up over 1 inch in some areas. Temperatures remaining near or slightly below average for the next few… Read more Back to Average