Dry Worries

After the dryness of 2017, there is some concern over the lack of rain / snow for parts of the region over the past few weeks.  As a reminder, this time of year the Sun is as high in the sky as early August, but with far less average precipitation.  In other words, if you take into account the potential evaporation in combination with the average amount of precipitation, mid-April into early May could be considered the driest time of the year.  Therefore, our current dryness that some are concerned with, is a very common occurrence this time of year.  This is and has been historically our fire season that will last until spring green up.  May is often our second rainiest month of the year, but a high percentage of that wetness comes during the second half of the month.  Therefore, concerns over a repeat of 2017 is premature at this point and there are hints of a weather pattern change coming later this month.

Daryl Ritchison