Friday Weather Summary

It was a cold morning once again.  Below are some of the low temperatures at our NDAWN sites:


The Fargo and Grand Forks airports dropped to 31° this morning.  My personal backyard thermometer dropped to 27° which was cold enough to completely freeze my bird bath.


Although Saturday morning will continue to be chilly, especially in eastern North Dakota into Minnesota, probably most locations will not drop to 32°, but rather the upper side of the 30s or even a few low 40s.  Below is the projected minimum temperatures via the NAM guidance for Saturday AM.  Probably reasonably close.


After a chilly start on Saturday, the weekend should feel like spring.  Still below average on Saturday for temperatures and Sunday may approach the average  (near 70° or the low 70s that afternoon).   The wind should be quite strong from the south on Sunday with those warmer temperatures.

There will be some light rain (amount 0.10″ or less for most) in western North Dakota both today and on Saturday.  Precipitation will be scattered.  Otherwise, the main threat of rain still looks to be Monday and Tuesday with western North Dakota seeing the beginnings of that system on Sunday afternoon and evening.  The track looks to be near the Missouri River.  That means western and northern North Dakota being in the cold sector of that storm (cold rain) and eastern North Dakota, especially the southeastern part of the state being in the warm sector.  Fargo to Jamestown and south may still record highs around 70° those two days with other portions of the state much cooler.  Certainly not all, but localized one inch rains are expected, with the Highway 2 corridor and northward having the highest likelihood or recording that much rainfall.  Southeastern North Dakota appears to be favored for the least amount of rain, although, that area may see some scattered thunderstorms, so localized higher amounts are always possible of course, but outside of that threat, lighter amounts in the southern valley (0.50″ or less hopefully)

After that storm moves out, well below average temperatures are expected next week with another threat of rain for the state coming during Memorial Day weekend, especially the latter half of that three day weekend.  Therefore, although, some warmer temperatures this weekend into early next week in the areas mentioned, May looks to be finishing below average overall with at least two much rain systems impacting North Dakota in the next 14 days.

Daryl Ritchison