January 27, 2015 Records

Several records were broken yesterday in central and western North Dakota and a snow record in Fargo.

Record High Maximums for January 27, 2015

Bismarck, 53°  Old record maximum was 48° set in 2008

Dickinson, 62°  Old record maximum was 51° set in 2008

Williston, 53°  Old record maximum was 47° set in 1931

Record High Minimums for January 27, 2015

Bismarck, 29°  Old record maximum minimum was 27° set in 2008

Snowfall Records

Fargo Moorhead broke the record for the latest 1 inch snow event in the cold season.  Old record was January 27, 1944.  New record yet to be determined.

Daryl Ritchison