July 16 Weekly Crop Weather Report

For the second straight week, little moisture fell across North Dakota and western Minnesota.  In fact, a high percentage of the area recorded no precipitation in the past 7 days.


rainfall 7 days
Weekly Rainfall

The locations that did record rainfall was, with a couple of exceptions, was below below normal.



Percent of Weekly Rainfall.

In the past week, Wheat GDDs (Growing Degree Days) increased by 200 to 250 bringing the seasonally total since May 1 to


weekly wheat GDDs
Weekly Wheat Growing Degree Days


a bit over 2000 for most of the area.


Accumulated Wheat Growing Degree Days

Because of the first one-half of Summer (June 1 through July 15) has been below average for most (a couple of exceptions), GDDs for the season are running slightly below normal.


First Half
Departure from Average Temperature June 1 to July 15

As an example Corn GDDs since June 1 have been running near 100 GDDs below normal in some parts of the region.


departure corn GDDs
Corn Accumulated Growing Degree Days

Much of the seasonally GDDs for corn has occurred in the past week.  In the past week an additional 100 Corn GDDs have accumulated, but


Weekly Corn GDDs
Weekly Corn Growing Degree Days


that is 30 to 40 Corn GDDs below normal for the week.


Departure from Average Corn Growing Degree Days
Departure from Average Corn Growing Degree Days


Total Accumulated Corn GDDs since May 19 has now exceeded 1000 for a few locations but most of the area is in the 800 to 1000 GDD range.

Corn GDDs
Total Growing Degree Days for Corn this season


Looking forward, the weather will be on the raise after a chilly past several days.  The 6-10 Day Outlook from the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) calls for Above Normal Temperatures and Precipitation.  Although the probabilities of above average temperatures during that period is high, the highest departures will be in the Day 6 through 8 range.  Although the CPC is hinting at above average precipitation, it will be hit and miss and it is unlikely that all areas would get above average precipitation during that time frame (which is only around 0.50″ for such a short period of time).

Certainly more heat units (GDDs) are coming for the next week then in the past several days, with precipitation which is usually the case, being more of the question mark because rain rarely is distributed evenly this time of year.


6 to 10 Day Temperature Outlook


6 to 10 Day Precipitation outlook

Daryl Ritchison