March 2015 (Fargo Summary)

March had many ups and downs temperature wise.  The first week was quite cold, the second week was very warm for the time of year, the third week trended a bit cooler and then the end of the month finished well above average once again.  In the end, Fargo recorded an average temperature of 33.5° last month which is 5.7° above average.   That ranks as the 13th warmest March of record.  The warmest two Marches were set in 2012 and 1910 with averages of 41.6 and 40.9 degrees respectively.  Although it was a mild month, it was no where near as warm as those two years.

March was not only mild in Fargo Moorhead but also dry.  Total monthly precipitation was 0.30 inches with 0.24 inches of that falling on March 29.  That ranks as the 18th driest March of record for that climatic station.  Had by chance the rain on March 29 not have occurred, the month would have ranked as the 3rd driest, so that one event was an important event for climatic purposes.  Snowfall in March was just 0.4 inches from two 0.2 inch events on March 3 and another on March 25.  That ranked 2015 as the 9th least snowiest March of record.

Daryl Ritchison