NDAWN Inversion App

NDAWN in association with the financial support of the North Dakota Soybean Council and the North Dakota Ag Aviation Association, are all happy to announce the release of the NDAWN Inversion App.  The app is now available in both the Apple App Store as well as in Google Play.  This means the app is now available for both iPhones/iPads and Android Phones and Tablets.  The app once installed on your device will have the ability to send you notifications when an inversion is detected at the NDAWN station(s) you choose.  In fact, when you first open the application it will ask you to select your stations and also allow the application to send you notifications. (See Figures 1a and 1b below).  Not all NDAWN stations have sensors in place that can detect inversions so the list will include only those stations with such capabilities.  Once additional stations are added, those sites will be added to the list.

Figures 1a, 1b

Then you will have a choice of which current weather station you would like to choose.  All 99 NDAWN stations are available to select this time, but again, not all of them can detect inversions.  If you do select a station with inversion capabilities the station page will tell you if there is an inversion in place.  An exclamation point in a warning triangle with the words “inversion alert” will show up on the top of the screen if an inversion is detected (Figure 2a).  Plus, a notification will be or was sent to you as well. After the first notification is sent, others will be sent every two to three hours until the inversion dissipates.  If no inversion is currently in place a check mark with “No Inversion” will be shown (Figure 2b).  Besides inversion information on the top for sites with such detection capabilities, the current air temperature, wind speed and all other weather conditions will be listed for all stations.  This will help you monitor the wind speed and air temperature to make sure you are within label instructions and/or state dicamba rules as you are spraying.  There is currently no forecast available in the application, only current conditions.


Figures 2a, 2b and 2c

Unlike our website, the current weather page will not update automatically.  You will have to pull down from the top of your screen to update the page (see Figure 2c).   All NDAWN stations update every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.  Once you download this app, if you have questions, please email me at the address below, or within the app there is the option to email me as well.  As of this writing the app is not available, but is expected to be released for download any day now.

Daryl Ritchison