Briefly Cool

Although a cool day on top for the region, the heat will be quickly moving back into the region.  Yet, this time the heat is somewhat associated with a pattern change.  A trough of low pressure, think of it as a dip in the jetstream will be occurring in the Pacific Northwest forcing some heat… Read more Briefly Cool

Upgraded Stations

The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, usually referenced as NDAWN upgraded three stations in the past couple of weeks.  These stations are near Oakes, Robinson and Hazen North Dakota.  The upgrades to these stations include soil moisture data, something that has become more important during this dry summer.  Plus, those stations will have snow depth… Read more Upgraded Stations


The tropical Atlantic has been quiet for the past month, but there are disturbances that will probably form into storm shortly if they haven’t already by the time you hear this.  That same change in the Atlantic may be a slight adjustment to the overall pattern over the northern hemisphere that may bring better chances… Read more Changes

Smokey Crops

The recent days with smoke in the air has meant numerous questions about what if any impact the smoke has on crops.  There have been studies on dust from gravel roads that I have read and those studies found minimal if any impact on the crops.  Plus, this summer has been quite sunny which wouldn’t… Read more Smokey Crops


As we all know, rain does not fall evenly across the region.  One of my favorite examples of this was a thunderstorm that passed over parts of Fargo Moorhead a few years ago.  My backyard in south Fargo recorded over 3 inches of rain.  That rain then extended into southern Moorhead.  The streets in my… Read more Variable

Subtle Change?

Last week I wrote an article for the North Dakota Agricultural Association dealing with potential changes in August.  If you look back at other dry years like we are having this year, a high percentage of those years saw an increase in precipitation during the month of August.  2017, 2012, 2006 and even the famed… Read more Subtle Change?

July 2021

Last month was the 11th driest July on record in Fargo.  The airport only recorded 0.66” of rain for the entire month.  As many of you know, I am the official coop weather recorder for Fargo and although my rain records are not official, just snow, my coop station recorded exactly 1 inch of rain… Read more July 2021

August Changes

The ridge of high pressure that has been over the northern Rocky Mountains much of this summer has been intensifying a bit the past few days.  We’ve seen some thunderstorms form on the edge of that ridge, but until that ridge completely breaks down, the pattern of occasional thunderstorms, mostly of the hit and miss… Read more August Changes