Bismarck Snow Season

Yesterday in this space I mentioned how relatively snow free it has been around Fargo Moorhead these past several winters.  Although it was a snowy winter in Bismarck, a high percentage of that snow came during the first half of the winter.  The second half the snow amounts have been much closer to the longer… Read more Bismarck Snow Season


Fargo Moorhead has recorded only 1.6 inches of snow so far this month with no measurable snow foreseen this week, this will mean March 2017 will rank as the 20th least snowy March on record.  It will also be the 4th March in a row at that location recording very little snow during the month of… Read more Snowless

Snowy to Dry

The mild weather will continue through this week and although there may be just a touch of rain in a few locations, overall, the weather will stay dry this week as well.   A month ago much of the northern plains were near or above snowfall records through the first half of winter, but with just… Read more Snowy to Dry

Winter Forecasts

As is typical of this time of year, there are often many predictions for the upcoming winter.  It also seems that more times than not the predictions are that this winter will be the harshest in years, or the Farmer’s Almanac said this or that.   In this short segment I don’t have time to go… Read more Winter Forecasts