Cold November

As we end November, we end another cold month.  When the month started, it appeared that the first half would be colder than average and the second half would be warmer than average.  Although the second half was warmer per average than the first half, it still was nowhere near warm enough to offset the… Read more Cold November

Finishing September

The rest of September look cool in the sense of normal to below normal temperatures.  Meaning, that the month as a whole will probably finish close to average in southeastern North Dakota and probably below average elsewhere in the state.  The current pattern we are in looks to favor below average temperature in October.   A… Read more Finishing September


As the growing season comes to a close we are now entering drying season for many.  Those classic warm sunny autumn days with very low relative humidity values are of course ideal for lowering the moisture levels of all crops.  The rest of this week is not going to provide many opportunities for that classic… Read more Damp

September is Here

September is upon us and that means some big changes are coming.  By the end of the month much of this area will likely record the first frost and potentially the first hard freeze of the season ending our growing season.  The average high and low will drop about 15 degrees, or another way of… Read more September is Here

Dry August

Clearly the number one topic of conversation lately has been the lack of rain.  Even with the high heat from several days ago I was getting more questions about the dry weather than the high temperatures.  Granted, some parts of southeastern North Dakota into west central Minnesota recorded some rain early Tuesday morning, yet many… Read more Dry August

Fire Season

Most summers at some point this area will have impacts from fires to our west or northwest.  This summer has on several occasions recorded a hazy sky because of smoke in the air.  This year, the smoke has been confined mostly to the upper levels of the atmosphere.  Meaning outside of some redder sunrises and… Read more Fire Season

July 2018

The temperature in July finished very close to average or slightly below across much of North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota.  The average temperature for last month tended to be one degree above over below average at most of the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network stations.  With the warm June the region experienced, the first two… Read more July 2018

Better Summer

The spring wheat crop in North Dakota is projected by the USDA to be 50% higher than last year.  Some of that is from extra planting acres in comparison to 2017 and some is because weather conditions have been much more favorable this year.  Average yield is forecasted to be up 7 bushels an acre… Read more Better Summer

2017 vs 2018

This past winter and spring there was much talk about how dry this summer was going to be and drought 17 would continue this year.  For me, I reminded everyone that historically, we never really had to years as dry as 2017 in a row and odds favored a more normal summer for precipitation, in… Read more 2017 vs 2018

Warm June

Temperatures so far this month are 2 to 5 degrees warmer than average across much of North Dakota into west central Minnesota.  Northwestern Minnesota is running close to average, as is far eastern Montana.  Although the temperatures have been below average the past few days, with the exception of the southern Red River Valley, the… Read more Warm June