Dry Concerns Continue

The dry summer continues to be the number one topic in ag circles even with the recent rains.  As is usually the case, conditions vary greatly from spot to spot.  If you look at maps, it gives the illusion that broad areas of the region have very similar conditions.  Yet, this is not the case. … Read more Dry Concerns Continue

Just in Time

The rains from last week could be described as saving the crop in many areas, or at a minimum was desperately needed.   It came too late for early planted grains, especially Spring Wheat, but areas that planted a bit later the rain was and will be extremely beneficial.  Of course, not everyone got a beneficial… Read more Just in Time

Phenology 2021

The recording and study of the timing of natural events, such as when the ice goes out on a lake, or when bushes or trees bloom, is called phenology.  I have been keeping track of when some ornamental crab apple trees have been blooming since 2002.  They are in the process of blooming the past… Read more Phenology 2021

Quiet for Now

There will be a surge of warm air today, followed by cooler, yet, seasonal temperatures tomorrow through Friday, with another surge of warmer air expected this weekend. If you have snow on the ground, you’ll likely see warmer temperatures this weekend rather than today because part of the energy today will be used to melt… Read more Quiet for Now


This time of year, of course thoughts move to spring and hoping it will be an early one.  That rarely occurs in our climate.  The snow that many areas got Tuesday, although not much of a storm in most locations by our standards, was a reminder that it is still winter.  Our average high doesn’t… Read more Patience

Positive Weather

Many parts of the region went 7 to 10 days with temperatures below zero.  If we use the term at or below zero, meaning we will include a temperature of 0 in the analysis then Fargo and some other locations did get into the top 10 longest such streaks on record.  But it is of… Read more Positive Weather

January 2021 Stats

Bismarck recorded the 2nd warmest January on record with an average temperatures of 25.8˚. The warmest January on record was back in 2006 with an average temperature of 26.8˚. The Top 5 warmest in Bismarck are listed below: Bismarck January Average Temperature Rankings In Fargo, January 2021, ranked as the 6th warmest on record with… Read more January 2021 Stats