The tropical Atlantic has been quiet for the past month, but there are disturbances that will probably form into storm shortly if they haven’t already by the time you hear this.  That same change in the Atlantic may be a slight adjustment to the overall pattern over the northern hemisphere that may bring better chances… Read more Changes

Smokey Crops

The recent days with smoke in the air has meant numerous questions about what if any impact the smoke has on crops.  There have been studies on dust from gravel roads that I have read and those studies found minimal if any impact on the crops.  Plus, this summer has been quite sunny which wouldn’t… Read more Smokey Crops

Severe Season

This is the time of year when the severe storm season hits the central and southern plain states.  This past weekend there was quite the outbreak of tornadoes in the Texas panhandle and locations that did not get severe weather got quite a bit of rain.  Kansas and Nebraska in particular had some fairly widespread… Read more Severe Season

NDAWN Inversion App

NDAWN in association with the financial support of the North Dakota Soybean Council and the North Dakota Ag Aviation Association, are all happy to announce the release of the NDAWN Inversion App.  The app is now available in both the Apple App Store as well as in Google Play.  This means the app is now… Read more NDAWN Inversion App

Mild But Windy

Although mild today (albeit windy), a very strong arctic cold front is expected to move through the area tomorrow.  Although there will be some snow fall associated with this transition, with even some rain drops, most of the region will experience very little snow as we transition to bitterly cold.  Then another shot of Arctic… Read more Mild But Windy

End of Autumn

Today is the last day of meteorological autumn.  Autumn is the transitional season between the three warmest months of the year, to the three coldest months of the year.  Autumn 2017 was near average for temperatures with the cold November helping with the trend toward average after warmer than average September and October.  Temperatures may… Read more End of Autumn

Remaining Dry

Although the lack of moisture this time of year can go unnoticed by many, November has been quite dry across most of North Dakota just like October was.  The one big exception was northeastern North Dakota where one snow event in particular will place this month very near average for moisture.  Winter average precipitation is… Read more Remaining Dry

Lower Yields

With harvest in full swing and yield numbers now trickling in, it is apparent that yields this year are noticeably below what was recorded in 2016.  2016 saw record yields from many crops, including both soybeans and corn.  This year yields were down for a number of reasons, with the lack of moisture in many… Read more Lower Yields

Cool Begins

The warmth of this week is going to come to an end today as a cool front passes through with the core of the colder air will be arriving in the next couple of days.  This transition will be some areas getting rain today with an even more widespread rain event expected tomorrow.  Once the… Read more Cool Begins

Beginning of Dry?

I recently was reading an article online where someone was quoted saying it has been dry this summer because of the lack of rain.  Yes, seriously, that was the quote.  Hard to argue with that, but nevertheless an extremely obvious observation.  This dry summer, as was the case in 2006, 2009 and 2012 has brought… Read more Beginning of Dry?