Snow Season

This past Sunday it snowed across much of southern North Dakota.  It did not accumulate in Fargo, but it did in Bismarck.   Getting snow on April 25 is later than average, but probably not as late as you may think.  The average last date of accumulating snow in Bismarck is on April 18, meaning Sunday’s… Read more Snow Season

April Snow

The recent snow in Fargo amounted to 1.8 inches over the course of three days.  Snow in April is very common and most locations average between 2 to 5 inches during this month.  In other words, the snow wasn’t uncommon for us this time of year.  What may have seen a bit odd was that… Read more April Snow

Fire Season

The sun angle is now similar to what it is around Labor Day.  The higher sun angle in combination of no crops in the fields means an enhanced ability to dry the soils in comparison to late summer.  Plus, with precipitation averages also much lower this time of year in comparison to late summer that… Read more Fire Season

First Week of May

We are already one week into May.  So far this month has been mostly warm and dry.  April on the other hand was mostly cold and dry.  April 2018 was the 6th coldest April on record in Fargo, it was the 8th coldest in Grand Forks and in Williston and the 9th coldest in Bismarck. … Read more First Week of May

Goodbye April

Today is of course the last day of the month.  This month will go down as one of the coldest Aprils on record with many locations ending in the top 10 for coldest.  Most of us will be happy to see this month end as the cold is still being felt with the delays in… Read more Goodbye April

Cool Stretch

Depending on where you’re reading this from, you have had nearly 2 full weeks of mostly below average temperatures, or you’ve been below average on more days than not the past couple of weeks.  Northern North Dakota in particular has recorded very few days if any suitable for field work recently.  The cold weather will… Read more Cool Stretch

Late Snow

The snowfall this week in many locations brings questions about late season snow events.  Not getting April snow is what is unusual, not recording it.  In recent days, some areas recorded zero snow, some location just some flakes in the air that melted on contact, but other areas recorded several inches.  Back in 2008, Fargo… Read more Late Snow


Average high temperatures are currently in the mid to upper 50s across much of the area with the exception of far northeastern North Dakota until northwestern Minnesota where the averages are in the lower 50s.  Average low temperatures are in the upper 20s to the lower 30s.   By the end of the month those averages… Read more Averages