Dry and Dry

This summer no doubt has been quite dry across most of the state of North Dakota.  The one minor positive is that we seem to get at last one thunderstorm complex a week.  Sometimes two.  In turn, there are portions of the state that have gotten adequate precipitation, yet at the same time, the nature… Read more Dry and Dry

Dry Concerns Continue

The dry summer continues to be the number one topic in ag circles even with the recent rains.  As is usually the case, conditions vary greatly from spot to spot.  If you look at maps, it gives the illusion that broad areas of the region have very similar conditions.  Yet, this is not the case. … Read more Dry Concerns Continue

Fire Season

The sun angle is now similar to what it is around Labor Day.  The higher sun angle in combination of no crops in the fields means an enhanced ability to dry the soils in comparison to late summer.  Plus, with precipitation averages also much lower this time of year in comparison to late summer that… Read more Fire Season

Winter Dry Season

The below average precipitation in the past several months has raised many eyebrows.  I always remind individuals that from November through March we only average the same moisture as we do in the month of June.  Winter is a dry period for us.  Recent wetter winters have tended to warp our perceptions of winter precipitation and snow amounts.  We… Read more Winter Dry Season

Another Miss

Although there was some light snow or flurries in the area yesterday and today, yet another snow storm missed North Dakota to our south.  Another one will miss us in the next couple of days and we will see what may develop this weekend.  I mention this because these storms missed us to the south,… Read more Another Miss

Dry August

Clearly the number one topic of conversation lately has been the lack of rain.  Even with the high heat from several days ago I was getting more questions about the dry weather than the high temperatures.  Granted, some parts of southeastern North Dakota into west central Minnesota recorded some rain early Tuesday morning, yet many… Read more Dry August

Dry Worries

After the dryness of 2017, there is some concern over the lack of rain / snow for parts of the region over the past few weeks.  As a reminder, this time of year the Sun is as high in the sky as early August, but with far less average precipitation.  In other words, if you… Read more Dry Worries

Cold and Dry

Although this month will finish well below average, it will also probably finish well below average for precipitation as well.  Most cooler than average periods from March through October in the northern plains tend to be wetter than normal periods.   This is because the clouds associated with the precipitation tends to keep temperatures below normal. … Read more Cold and Dry

Remaining Dry

Although the lack of moisture this time of year can go unnoticed by many, November has been quite dry across most of North Dakota just like October was.  The one big exception was northeastern North Dakota where one snow event in particular will place this month very near average for moisture.  Winter average precipitation is… Read more Remaining Dry