Late Freeze

The latest first freeze of autumn in Fargo is October 24.  That was set in 1994.  If you’re curious we’ve had the first frost of the season this late in the season even back in 1911, so any talk about this autumn being unique would not be correct.  The so-called official climate site in Fargo… Read more Late Freeze

First Hard Freeze

Fargo recorded the first hard freeze of the season on Friday, September 28.  Oddly it did not occur in the morning, in fact, temperatures were above freezing in the morning.  Instead, the first freeze at 32 degrees and then the first hard freeze of 28 degrees both occurred during the evening hours.  Then temperatures rose… Read more First Hard Freeze

June 18, 1998

Today is my son’s 16th birthday.  This day not only brings memories of the birth of my first child, but also of the weather that was occurring outside our hospital window that afternoon in 1998. An area of low-pressure was moving slowly across the Red River Valley that day triggering pockets of heavy rainfall.  One… Read more June 18, 1998

A Snowy June Day

During meteorological summer, there is only one report of snow in Fargo Moorhead.  On June 4, 1935 the observer in Moorhead wrote this in his notes that day: A warning of light to heavy frost tonight if the sky clear was received this morning at 8:59 a.m. The warming was distributed by mail, radio, telephone… Read more A Snowy June Day