End of February

With tomorrow being the last day of February, it appear the month will end up in the top 10 warmest on record.  Yet, even with the very warm temperatures in the past couple of weeks it won’t finish as the warmest as many have asked in the last several days.   The month started fairly cold… Read more End of February

Quiet Februaries

February tends to be the least active of the three principal months of winter.  Most Februaries, North Dakota and Minnesota will experience weaker upper-level wind blowing from the northwest which form storms with little moisture.  The arctic remains cold, generating areas of high pressure which frequently move in to our area, increasing the amount of… Read more Quiet Februaries

February Climate Summary

North Dakota February Climate Summary Precipitation: The percent of normal precipitation in North Dakota showed high variations across the state during the month of February (Figure 1).  Some locations in the central and northern portion of the state recorded well above average precipitation, whereas much of southwestern and many parts of northeastern North Dakota were… Read more February Climate Summary

2/4/15: February Changes

High pressure is building into North Dakota behind the disturbance that brought some snow to especially the southern part of North Dakota yesterday. With high pressure, fresh snow in some locations the lows this morning were correspondingly much colder.  Several pockets of -10s and -20s associated with the fresh snow.  Locations a bit warmer either… Read more 2/4/15: February Changes