Freeze Damage

With all the warm temperatures in the forecast, the freeze from last week may have been forgotten already.  That is if you’re not in agriculture.  Replanting of especially soybeans has been on going the past few days.  How unusual was that cold air last Friday?  Fargo for an example, usually a warm spot with the… Read more Freeze Damage

Cold and Snow?

Today and tomorrow will be very chilly across much of the northern plains.  In fact, some flakes in the higher elevations in central and western North Dakota wouldn’t surprise me tonight.  In turn,  the threat of frost and or a freeze will certainly be possible today through Friday, with northern North Dakota and northern Minnesota… Read more Cold and Snow?

Last Freeze

I mentioned this in this blog recently, but several people have asked me about my thoughts of when our last freeze would be, especially considering how dry the central and western portion of North Dakota have been in recent months.  As many of you know, even Fargo with relatively wet soils recorded two record lows… Read more Last Freeze

Last Freeze

As we slowly approach the time of year when the last freeze of the season occurs, there is one significant factor in place this year, that hasn’t necessarily been an issue the past couple of springs.  That issue?   Dry soil.  Areas with dry soil will generally be noticeably cooler than areas with wet soil because… Read more Last Freeze

First Hard Freeze

Fargo recorded the first hard freeze of the season on Friday, September 28.  Oddly it did not occur in the morning, in fact, temperatures were above freezing in the morning.  Instead, the first freeze at 32 degrees and then the first hard freeze of 28 degrees both occurred during the evening hours.  Then temperatures rose… Read more First Hard Freeze

Winter Teases

Parts of western and northern North Dakota recorded lows in the mid to upper 20s on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Tuesday afternoon and evening some parts of southwestern North Dakota not only recorded snowfall, it actually accumulated briefly.  If your area has yet to record freezing temperatures there will be another push of cooler air… Read more Winter Teases

First Freeze and Frost

Yesterday minimums dropped below 32° especially in northwestern North Dakota and eastern Montana.   This morning the cooler readings were mostly in eastern North Dakota into western Minnesota.     Many locations recorded either the first frost of the season (36°) or the first Freeze of the season (32°).    Some locations even recorded the… Read more First Freeze and Frost

Frost Season

A Frost Advisory and Freeze and Hard Freeze Warnings will be used multiple times in the next few weeks, yet these terms may not mean the same to you as they do to a meteorologist.  A frost advisory for instance is issued when temperatures are expected to drop to between 33 and 36 degrees.  The… Read more Frost Season