Warming Soil

Ground temperatures have warmed up with the recent mild temperatures, but considering we are heading toward cooler air and perhaps even well below average temperatures for a time next week, the release of the frost in the ground in most areas is still quite a ways into the future.  As we are all aware of,… Read more Warming Soil

Lamb or Lion

There is the old saying that if March comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion, or vice versa.  If you look back through the records, because we live in a cold climate, if any thing it will come in and out like a lion more commonly than any other scenario. … Read more Lamb or Lion

Quiet for Now

There will be a surge of warm air today, followed by cooler, yet, seasonal temperatures tomorrow through Friday, with another surge of warmer air expected this weekend. If you have snow on the ground, you’ll likely see warmer temperatures this weekend rather than today because part of the energy today will be used to melt… Read more Quiet for Now

March 2017 Temperatures

Even with the warmer temperatures this week, many parts of North Dakota will finish March with below average temperatures.  The big exceptions will be southwestern and southeastern North Dakota..  The coldest readings with be in the north central part of the state where continued snow cover has kept the temperature there much colder than the… Read more March 2017 Temperatures


Fargo Moorhead has recorded only 1.6 inches of snow so far this month with no measurable snow foreseen this week, this will mean March 2017 will rank as the 20th least snowy March on record.  It will also be the 4th March in a row at that location recording very little snow during the month of… Read more Snowless

Still Wet

With March to this point below average, the question I get frequently is what type of temperatures do you expect in April.  For several months now I have projected March and April to finish below average for temperatures and looking forward, I think there will be more below average days than above average days for… Read more Still Wet

Up and Down

Most of northern North Dakota has recorded temperatures between 4 and 7 degrees below average so far this month.  Southern North Dakota has been 2-4 degrees below average.  So yes, it has been a cold month to this point even with the warm past couple of days.  Today and tomorrow that cold will continue but… Read more Up and Down

Southwest Flow

The biggest storms in the northern plains tend to come in from a southwesterly direction.  Storms making that track have more time to advect moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the storm and in turn drop more precipitation.  The storm on Monday, came from the southwest, but never ventured much farther south than Wyoming,… Read more Southwest Flow

Spring to Winter

Yesterday at one time, the temperature ranged from nearly 70° to 12° across North Dakota.  We all know today that the cold air won the battle and cold will probably dominate the region for the next week, plus.  A strong low pressure center helped develop the strong wind that is still with us today, but… Read more Spring to Winter