Saturday Rain

There will be some rain in the area tomorrow into tomorrow night as another cold front pushes through the upper Midwest.  Behind the rain, it will still be chilly on Sunday into Monday morning, but then another warm up is anticipated for next week.  In other words, the overall mostly dry and mild weather pattern… Read more Saturday Rain

Changing Times

The storm system that has been impacting parts of South Dakota and southern Minnesota yesterday and lingering through today is a sign of a pattern change I have been talking about occurring as we approach and move into March.  Although this storm is missing North Dakota there will be another storm as early as early… Read more Changing Times

08/07/15: Hail Tracks

Below are the hail tracks from Friday Night, August 7, 2015 . These data are derived from running algorithms developed at NOAA’s [] National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) [] and the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorlogical Studies (CIMMS) [] on radar from the entire NEXRAD [] network.  Scale is on the top and DO NOT necessarily… Read more 08/07/15: Hail Tracks

NDAWN Speed Record

On Friday evening, September 19, 2014 a supercell thunderstorm developed in southern Manitoba and then moved southeasterly across Pembina County in North Dakota then crossed the Red River into northwestern Minnesota.  It intensified quickly and a Tornado Warning was issued almost immediately as it crossed the international border.  If you look carefully at the animation… Read more NDAWN Speed Record

Rising Rivers

The two to three inches of rain that fell to the south of Fargo, in combination with the already saturated ground has rivers in the Red River Valley on the rise.  Below are some of the current projections (expect changes).  More hydrographs can be found here:           Daryl Ritchison

A Snowy June Day

During meteorological summer, there is only one report of snow in Fargo Moorhead.  On June 4, 1935 the observer in Moorhead wrote this in his notes that day: A warning of light to heavy frost tonight if the sky clear was received this morning at 8:59 a.m. The warming was distributed by mail, radio, telephone… Read more A Snowy June Day