Wet Autumn

With the northwest corner of North Dakota being the exception, almost all other locations have already recorded more rain than the average for the entire autumn season.  The autumn season by definition is from September 1 through November 30.  In turn, after a drier than average winter, spring and summer, autumn will be the first… Read more Wet Autumn


If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know one of my favorite sayings is the old English proverb “there is no debt so surely met, as wet to dry and dry to wet”.   There are some portions of the region that have recorded 5 plus inches of rain in the past week… Read more Switched


As we all know, rain does not fall evenly across the region.  One of my favorite examples of this was a thunderstorm that passed over parts of Fargo Moorhead a few years ago.  My backyard in south Fargo recorded over 3 inches of rain.  That rain then extended into southern Moorhead.  The streets in my… Read more Variable

Just in Time

The rains from last week could be described as saving the crop in many areas, or at a minimum was desperately needed.   It came too late for early planted grains, especially Spring Wheat, but areas that planted a bit later the rain was and will be extremely beneficial.  Of course, not everyone got a beneficial… Read more Just in Time


Southwestern North Dakota got some moisture this weekend, but most other locations got little or none.  With planting in high gear, another widespread system doesn’t look to likely this week.  On a positive note that will allow planting to continue and warmer temperatures will also bring warmer soil temperatures and the heat units to get… Read more Rain

Weekend Rains

The rains never falls evenly as we find out every time it rains this time of year.  Some locations recorded little or no rainfall this weekend.  A few isolated spots had over 4” of rain.  The locations that recorded the most rains were in the southeast and the southwest corners of North Dakota.  The southeastern… Read more Weekend Rains