Smokey Crops

The recent days with smoke in the air has meant numerous questions about what if any impact the smoke has on crops.  There have been studies on dust from gravel roads that I have read and those studies found minimal if any impact on the crops.  Plus, this summer has been quite sunny which wouldn’t… Read more Smokey Crops


The fires continue to our west and northwest, so more smoke is expected to be in the air both today and tomorrow.  Saturday night into Sunday morning there will be a cold frontal passage that will hopefully change the upper level wind pattern enough to give us a break from the smoke threat for a… Read more Smoke

6/30/15: A Smokey End

High temperatures yesterday did reach the mid 90s in parts of western North Dakota.  Both Hofflund and Watford City recorded a high of 96° which tied the highest temperature recorded so far in 2015 at any North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) station.   The temperatures in eastern North Dakota were held down because of… Read more 6/30/15: A Smokey End