Frosty Soil

It certainly is not unheard of, but there is still frost in the soil across northern North Dakota and some isolated pockets elsewhere as well.  Most of the frost in around 30 inches in depth and the recent cool weather has kept that frost from melting.  The warmer temperatures from the past couple of days… Read more Frosty Soil

Frosty Soils

As of yesterday, soil temperatures at a depth of 4 inches were mostly in the 40s across the region.  Plus, there was still frost in the ground in many locations as well.  This strong of sunny days that we have been in since Tuesday, plus several more expected, will help warm the soil and eventually… Read more Frosty Soils

Dry Worries

After the dryness of 2017, there is some concern over the lack of rain / snow for parts of the region over the past few weeks.  As a reminder, this time of year the Sun is as high in the sky as early August, but with far less average precipitation.  In other words, if you… Read more Dry Worries