Running Above

Even with the cold of the past few days, temperatures for the month of December are running a few degrees above average.  Each of these cold days will bring that positive anomaly downward, but with only a few days left in the month,  December may still end up slightly above normal for temperatures in many… Read more Running Above

Warm and Thunderstorms

The warmth of today and tomorrow is associated with a large storm system that is tracking through the northern Rocky Mountains.  That system is pumping in some very warm air into the northern plains.  At the same time snow in fairly low elevations for the time of year as well as abundant rain will fall… Read more Warm and Thunderstorms

Ahead of Schedule

Since May 1, the temperatures have been anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees above normal.  Depending on the crop and of course, your planting dates, more fields in turn have recorded an extra 100 to as many as 200 growing degrees days above the 5 year average.   It is then no surprise to hear that… Read more Ahead of Schedule