Future Rain

Precipitation never falls evenly on the northern plains.  Usually it is either too wet or too dry.  We often calculate the average weekly or monthly precipitation however, throughout the year, there are many more days without precipitation than days with rain or snow making averages not necessarily useful.  Typically, we go through a year with… Read more Future Rain

Still Wet

With March to this point below average, the question I get frequently is what type of temperatures do you expect in April.  For several months now I have projected March and April to finish below average for temperatures and looking forward, I think there will be more below average days than above average days for… Read more Still Wet

Rainy Weekend?

There will be some light rain in the region yesterday and there will also probably be some precipitation today as well, but most locations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota will more than likely not record too much rain as these weak disturbances pass through.  Of higher concern at the moment is a storm system… Read more Rainy Weekend?

Thursday Rain

Below is yesterday’s rain totals.  Many locations recorded additional rain after midnight (1 AM CDT).  The areas that were missed on Wednesday, were for the most part the main area that recorded precipitation on Thursday/Thursday Night. Meaning, this event, although, not nearly as significant as last week’s rain totals, still made for a fairly widespread… Read more Thursday Rain